O.C. Hooymeijer (Vlaardingen, 1958) finished his studies at the Academy of Visual Art in Rotterdam in 1981. From that moment on, he had many successful exhibitions, both in The Netherlands as abroad. His remarkable series of paintings and drawings, such as ‘Red Light District’, ‘Indian Portraits’ and ‘Contemporary 17th Century Portraits’ brought Hooymeijer national acclaim. His work ‘O.C. Hooymeijer’s Panorama of Amsterdam’ was exhibited in 2002 in the Amsterdam Museum as part of the exhibition ‘Love for Sale’. Between 2009 and 2012 he created the impressive and touching series ‘Abuse’, ‘Catholic Abuse’ and ‘Worship’.

So far man was the focus of his work. Now, with the new projects ‘The Great Exotic Bird Show’ and ‘The non-existing birds of Europe’, man has been replaced by the bird. His most recent work features once more his theme wise approach, his expressionistic style and his not-to-be-missed picture frames. He even takes us one step further. The use of scent and sound turn his exhibitions more and more into a ‘total experience’.